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Our new 40 Bed Mobile Medical Care Facility has arrived, and is being exercised for deployment   



In August of 2013 the State of Wisconsin granted funds to our Medical Reserve Corps unit to expand our Mobile Medical Care Facility (MMCF) from its capacity of 10 beds to 40 beds. This not only included the expansion of our single shelter facility, but also gave us the addition of smaller and more rapidly deployable Mobile Medical Units (MMU’s).

Currently three new MMU’s and the expanded MMCF are being placed into service and will be exercised in early spring. All three of our new shelters are housed in their own separate trailers and each come with their own utilities including heating and air conditioning units, lights, and sinks.

Our long term goal is to house each of the MMU’s in different parts of the state in order to ensure Wisconsin has consistent access to these medical surge resources.         

This video link of a deployment that was done by the state of Mississippi gives you a preview of what this new capability will provide our unit.     

The Mobile Medical Units can be deployed as single Alternate Care Sites for Public Health Emergencies or community mass gathering events. The climate controlled 40 bed Mobile Medical Care Facility can be set up on or off a hospital campus and can be used as a temporary resource to augment an Emergency Room or an ICU during a Medical Surge event.

All of our deployment plans follow both Public Health and Hospital Preparedness Program Capabilities; Capability 10 and Capability 15.  Through our housing organization we also have access to Mass Fatality Response K-9 Teams - Capability 5.    


For Emergency deployment of our resources please contact our on call Duty Officer at 920-586-1325


For deployment of our resources for a non-emergency event please call 920-843-4013 or email [email protected]


Some key features of our cache include:

  • Hospital standard cots
  • Bariatric cots
  • Surgical field lighting
  • HVAC Systems through-out each unit
  • Sink and water handling systems
  • Reduant communication systems including WISCOM
  • 48 hour self-sustaining cache


For more information on all of our resources click on each link below

Mobile Medical Care Facility Quick Facts

Medical Surge Response Teams Quick Facts

Operations Plan for Mobile Medical Care Facility

Operations Plan for Medical Surge Response Teams


Our New Disaster Response Vehicle features:

  • Burn Supplies for 20 to 40 patients       
  • Pediatric Kits for 80 to 100 patients                                       
  • Mass Casualty Supplies
  • WISCOM/Conventional Radio   









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