Wisconsin Disaster Medical Response Team - Medical Reserve Corps


***We are currently recruiting Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Behavioral Health Specialists, Respiratory Specialists.***

e are also recruiting a MRC Medical Director. Click here for more information.

What Is the Medical Reserve Corps?

 Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is an affiliate of Citizens Corps. The MRC coordinates the skills of practicing and retired health professionals and non-medical personnel interested in health and medical issues during a disaster or public health emergency. Members are trained to respond as an organized team. MRC’s are organized locally, are integrated with existing programs and resources to bolster public health and emergency response infrastructures, provide mechanisms for information sharing and coordination between partner organizations, and give community members an opportunity to help make their communities healthier and safer.


One of the most important roles Wisconsin Disaster Medical Response Team Medical Reserve Corps plays in the community is the ability to identify, screen, train, credential and prepare its members in advance for work in a disaster environment.


Tell me more about Wisconsin Disaster Medical Response Team Medical Reserve Corps


Wisconsin Disaster Medical Response Team Medical Reserve Corps (WDMRT MRC) is the medical group for K-9 Emergency Response Teams (KERT), a search and rescue team. WDMRT MRC members can also provide expertise to local EMS organizations in wilderness and disaster medicine. Through our sponsor we have a 501-c3 number that allows us to operate as a non-profit charitable organization.


Members of WDMRT MRC have deployed to search and rescue and disaster events throughout northern Wisconsin as well as tornados throughout the mid-west and hurricanes in the southern United States.


Outside of Search and Rescue medical support and response in 2011 WDMRT MRC began the process of putting together DHS/FEMA NIMS resource typed strike teams of Mobile Field Medical Teams both to

Type I and Type II through-out Wisconsin.

These teams will be specifically surge resources for our healthcare coalitions in Wisconsin. They may also be used to staff a FMS during a large disaster. Type II Mobile Field Medical Teams deploy with just personnel. Type I Mobile Field Medical Teams deploy with personnel, equipment and supplies. The equipment and supplies are cached with our units Mobile Medical Care Facility.  


This effort currently under way!

Who Belongs to Wisconsin Disaster Medical Response Team Medical Reserve Corps?



               Physician Assistants 


               Nurses Aids


               Advanced EMTs


                    Behavioral Health Specialists


               Support Personnel


We are currently recruiting Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Behavioral Health Specialists, Respiratory Specialists, and non medical personnel for posisitions of Patient Registration and Logistics. MRC volunteers can be active or inactive in their profession, or they could be retired. Licensed medical professionals must maintain a current license if they are volunteering with us to provide medical care within their scope of their license.


   We are not a replacement for traditional medical systems, but rather a supplement to existing ones. Our medical volunteers may be able to fill gaps in expertise or provide support to health care officials and existing facilities.


Click Here for a video presentation on Disaster Medical Volunteerism to hear stories from volunteer disaster healthcare providers.


What Are the Membership Requirements for WDMRT MRC?

Expectations of team members include but are not limited to the following:

  • Attain the age of 18.                                                                                                

  • Must be a US citizen or a non-citizen eligible for employment within United States.                               

  • Perform the duties and responsibilities of the position in an austere (field) environment.                           

  • All team members must have current CPR certification. Non-clinical team members will require a first aid certificate. 

  • Must agree to maintain personal gear/uniform accordance with team specifications.      

  • Members are expected to complete MRC competency courses within six months of hire.               

  • Members are expected to complete core on-line team courses within one year of hire.                                                                                                                                               

  • Members are expected to participate in person in at least two field training exercises per year, with other team resources.

  • Members are expected to receive a required team physical and immunizations in a timely            manner. If the MRC is activated, members require volunteer flexibility and commitment,                  usually on a 24-hour/day schedule. The expected time-commitment of volunteers will depend on the scale of the emergency as well. For some emergencies, commitment may be as little as part of one day. For potentially catastrophic events like a natural disaster, we might mobilize volunteers to work several 12-hour shifts over several days. We would ask that you commit to serve throughout the event for all of the timeslots we would need to cover, but your availability to volunteer is up to you.

    Click Here for an Overview of Deployment Considerations for Disaster Volunteers
What about Liability?
  • Most MRC members are insured during a state-declared emergency under Wisconsin State Statue 257, with Worker's Compensation and Liability coverage.
  • Federal deployments through the national MRC Office, are covered under Federal Compensation and Tort Acts.       
How Do I Contact You?

For More Information:  (920) 843-4013

Email: [email protected]                                     





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